"an exciting product… a product that I think the market has been needing for some time..."

Neil Chapman - Boatshed.com (www.boatshed.com)

"….what a great boat, I have my MiniCat at my flat in Spain, I keep it in the cupboard and can now sail even when I'm only there for a couple of days. I'm really surprised how responsive it is to sail and what fun it is… just what I was looking for, but never knew existed! Thanks for your help and the prompt delivery…"

Paul Klabost

"With virtually no overheads, such as mooring fees or the cost of a trailer, this is a very cheap way of owning a small boat. Small enough to fit in a large deck locker or possibly below a bunk, the MiniCat would also be a fun addition aboard any cruising yacht. With the ability to sail in as little as 30cm of water it has the potential to offer a platform for exploring remote areas of shallow coastline without disrupting the environment."

Roxanna Maynard - Themainsail.com (www.themainsail.com)




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